Teacher Training

Equipping Ministries International

  • EMI Teacher Training – August 18-19

    EMI’s training focuses on transformational teaching.   Learn how to prepare an effective teaching — which applies to all teaching, not just EMI courses customize a teaching for different audience needs work with facilitators set up effective modeling and role plays This training includes preparing and presenting a 10 minute teaching from an EMI class […]

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  • Back to the Future Church

    30 summers ago, millions flocked to see Back to the Future, a science fiction comedy about Marty McFly, a teenager traveling back in time to meet his parents in 1955. Marty soon realized that his very existence hinged on how his (future) Mom and Dad handled the problems facing them. Have you ever considered the […]

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  • Raising Up Leaders

    General Dwight D. Eisenhower knew that winning (or losing) World War II hinged on the number of men and women who could be inspired with the desire and equipped with the skills to get the job done. This is just as true today in your workplace, community, and especially in church. In your heart you […]

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  • Incredibly Elusive and Absolutely Essential: TRUST

    Trust was natural and effortless at first––but over time, relational hard knocks and disappointments have taken their toll. By now, you’ve undoubtedly learned many first-hand lessons about how fragile trust can be and how easily it can be broken. Even so, you and most of the members and leaders in your church have probably never […]

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