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DREAM GETAWAY – NORWAY : May 15-22, 2017

May 15 - May 22

Standing at crossroads?   Needing fresh perspective?    Getaway to spectacular Norway!

Join Americans & Norwegians looking for deeper personal experience of God….for 4 days of retreat on the shores of Sola Island, west Norway:    Journey into an experience of Colossians 3

Included in the trip:   1-day  Norway in a Nutshell tour + shopping in downtown Bergen + 1 night in 1260 A.D. Kloister  + 1 day in Reikestolen, famous Pulpit Rock area.


God met me on the Dream Getaway and moved me into my life’s true purpose which I am embracing with real passion!”  Maceo Banks, Michigan USA

It will set you free and beautifuly fulfill your hunger for God!”  Eivind Bjørnar Hetlevik, Norway

Now I see God’s dreams for me filling my horizon.  Don’t miss this injection of hope!”  Ruben Lysemose, Denmark

See brochure: norway-dream-brochure-2017

For more information:  contact  pping@equippingministries.org