Growth & healing

  • BE MY WING ~ Spotlight on God thru you

    “Be my wing…” is a phrase I heard during EMI staff prayer the first of the year.  This brought to mind scriptures of God’s longing to call in to Him a rebellious Jerusalem: “How often I have longed to gather your children as a hen gathers her chicks under her wing…”  Matthew 23:37 / Luke […]

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    Announcing:   Roots & Branches is now an independent nonprofit corporation! Over the past 5 years, R&B has grown a solid network of churches, counselors, ministries, and individuals who support a vision for offering healing training and prayer ministry to Greater Cincinnati. This new status brings new opportunities to make the ministry of Roots & Branches […]

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  • INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF SERVICE: October 2017 & April, July, Oct 2018

    International School of Service (SOS):  7 days of training in 7 EMI TeleiosLIFE courses Equipping Ministries Int’l is committed to equip the saints for life and ministry.     Our School focuses on healthy, biblical relationship and ministry skills for national leaders & servants of God world-wide. Our Mission:  to equip those who equip       […]

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