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Speaking the Truth in Love Teacher’s Manual


Teacher Manual for Speaking the Truth in Love.


Encouraging growth and accountability.

We often speak truth, but not in a loving way. At other times we show love by holding back truth. Either way, we lose genuineness in relationships.

The Teacher’s Manual includes four parts:
Part 1. Has Preface & Eight Sections:

  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 2: Genuineness
  • Section 3: Self-Disclosure
  • Section 4: Concreteness
  • Section 5: The Power to Change: God’s Role vs. Ours
  • Section 6: Confrontation
  • Section 7: Immediacy
  • Section 8: Responding to Inappropriate Behavior

Part 2. Overhead Masters
Part 3. Teaching Aids
Part 4. PowerPoint Slides

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