INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF SERVICE: April 17-24, July 17-24, or Oct 23-30, 2020

International School of Service (SOS):  7 days of training in 7 EMI TeleiosLIFE courses

Equipping Ministries Int’l is committed to equip the saints for abundant life and ministry.     Our School focuses on healthy, biblical relationship and ministry skills for national leaders & servants of God world-wide.

Our Mission:  to equip those who equip          Our Training:  to experience God personally, to grow in deeper fellowship and ministry impact through practical skill training so that every believer will become mature servants who are whole & fulfilled in Christ.

REQUIREMENTS:    Guests must be able to   1.   read and speak English     2. arrange their transportation to Cincinnati and back home

Foundational SOS Session:    April 17-24, 2020    OPEN                             

Foundational SOS Session:     July 17-24    OPEN                  

Foundational SOS Session:     October 23-30    OPEN

Advanced session is designed for graduates of foundational SOS training.  Offered every 2 years.  Next session will be October 2021

Workshops include Listening for Heaven’s Sake, Renewing the Mind, Freeing the Family, EMI Teacher Training,  Dream Journey (Colossians experience).

Foundational Sessions:

Workshops include:  Vision for Equipping, Listening for Heaven’s Sake, Speaking Truth in Love, Renewing Your Mind, Guiding Small Groups, and Irresistible Evangelism.

A love offering will be taken vs. registration fee.

Training resources will be available to lead training in each course back home.

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