Dream Getaway: 2020 in NORWAY – early May

Standing at crossroads?   Needing fresh perspective?    Getaway to spectacular Norway!

Join Americans & Norwegians looking for deeper personal experience of God….for 5 days of retreat on the shores of Sola Island, west Norway:    Journey into an experience of Colossians 3

Included in the trip:   1-day  Norway in a Nutshell tour + shopping in downtown Bergen + 1 night in 1260 A.D. Kloister  + more.

For more information:  contact  pping@equippingministries.org


Comments from  Getaway grads:

“I had no idea what to expect but left with more than I ever imagined.  Completely full!”   Rebekah

“Since the Getaway, God has been moving quickly, clearly and lovingly in my life.  I am amazed by the revelations He’s helped me reach in the last 6 days.”   Siobhan

“I heard so much from God during the Dream Group Getaway weekend, but one of the most important things God highlighted is He wants us to live from a Heavenly perspective, not an earthly perspective. God helped me to reconcile what I was feeling . . .”        Maria