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chick under wing

Be my wing…” is a phrase I heard during EMI staff prayer the first of the year.  This brought to mind scriptures of God’s longing to call in to Him a rebellious Jerusalem: “How often I have longed to gather your children as a hen gathers her chicks under her wing…”  Matthew 23:37 / Luke 13:34

In many ways the ministry of EMI is one of gathering, nurturing, drawing people into an “under wing” experience of their God.   This is happening through thousands of people around the world who are using the skills and insights taught through EMI since the 1980’s.

The purpose of this page is to inspire and encourage through sharing testimonies of what God is doing through people like you who faithfully pass on what God has given them via EMI.  He has called us each to partnership with Him in bringing transformational grace, truth and love to those He puts in our path.

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My name is Bruce Hankee.  I have been using EMI courses for about 30 years and have taught and facilitated them all.  Recently I retired from pastoral ministry and began the adventure of helping to begin a Love INC (In the Name of Christ) affiliate in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia where I live. We use a relational approach with our NEIGHBORS who have needs and have traditionally become dependent on those who simply give them charity.  A relational discipleship process not only transforms our neighbors, but our spiritual friends and all volunteers who serve as well.  It is a mutually transforming process for everyone.  That is why I love EMI courses, particularly RENEWING THE MIND.  These courses us a relational process with God at the center to mutually open our hearts to the Holy Spirit’s renewing presence.

The transformational component of our ministry happens on Thursday evenings.  It is called LOVING YOUR NEIGHBOR.  We begin with a 30 minute dinner served by a church, followed by 90 minutes of classes to disciple people and give them a hand up.  One of the classes that we began offering recently is RENEWING THE MIND.  I spent a year introducing this course to local pastors and their churches to begin building a facilitator base.  We now have 3 teachers and new facilitators who completed our first offering of RTM for 21 neighbors, 4 who are members of the deaf community.

The results have been an incredible visitation from God in the small groups as the minds of our neighbors and volunteers are transformed by renewal.  I invite you to listen to the testimonies of a few neighbors by clicking on the link (above).

RENEWING THE MIND course helped them realize that every other aspect of their lives is filtered through what they believe — and changing their beliefs to God’s Truth enables them to address finances, family and all aspects of their lives in a Christ-centered way.

EMI courses are practical, relational, Christ-centered and will work in any setting where relationships are the focus along with an openness to the Holy Spirit’s transforming power.


Bruce Hankee,                                                                                                                 Staunton-Waynesboro-August County Love In the Name of Christ, Virginia      April 2017