Back to the Future Church

30 summers ago, millions flocked to see Back to the Future, a science fiction comedy about Marty McFly, a teenager traveling back in time to meet his parents in 1955. Marty soon realized that his very existence hinged on how his (future) Mom and Dad handled the problems facing them.

Have you ever considered the influence you might have over the future? It’s not science fiction! God has given you power to help shape what your family and your church will look like 30 years from now. Think about it … If you could visit the future of your family and your Church what would you see?

Exciting, dynamic, fearless followers of Christ
Lives that are making a miraculous difference
Multitudes being healed and living more abundantly
Contagious generosity, joy and commitment

Or . . .

Joyless hypocrites going through the motions
Shallow lives indistinguishable from unbelievers
Empty marriages and strings of broken relationships
Facing life’s struggles without deeply rooted faith

Like the fictional Marty McFly, your family’s real destiny is balanced on a knife’s edge of free will. And the role your church plays is pivotal. The future of your children and grandchildren doesn’t just depend on the choices you make, but the influence of well-equipped youth workers, group leaders, and pastors who are ready to love and lead them into a deep relationship with Jesus Christ.

Making and equipping disciples is Christ’s prime directive. He invested years showing his disciples what powerful relationships with God and each other really look like. The result was the amazing power expressed in their lives and in the early Church.

How well (or poorly) we make disciples has always shaped the future. The good news is that as you read this, the Holy Spirit is raising leaders from all over the USA and many lands to get equipped to make disciples for decades to come. They’re discovering new approaches to fit the challenges disciples of the future will face. It’s exciting, dynamic and contagious!

So, is He calling you? I’m guessing the answer is “YES!”