Since 1976, Equipping Ministries International has been helping everyday people develop radically refreshing relationships at home, at work, in church and in ministry. We’ve equipped hundreds of thousands of Christian volunteers, lay leaders, pastors, church staff, and missionaries in over 85 countries to “prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.” ––Ephesians 4:13)

EMI helps individuals, congregations and Christian mission organizations around the world become fully equipped to live out the Great Commandment (to love their neighbors) and to fulfill the Great Commission (to go into the whole world and make disciples). We provide some of today’s most practical and easily transferable skill-training in ministry, relationships, leadership, discipleship and evangelism. We give pastors, teachers, missionaries, and other Christian leaders from many countries proven tools that transform “ordinary” hearers of God’s word into extraordinarily effective doers of His work.

With God’s blessing and your help, EMI equips everyday people for radically refreshing relationships and life-changing ministry, so that our hurting world can experience God’s radically refreshing love.

In 1976 EMI began with 30 volunteers at College Hill Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Led by EMI founder, Dr. Gary Sweeten, and author, Dr. Richard Walters, began learning biblically based skills that dramatically transformed their relationships, healed families, and birthed powerful outreach in the community. Soon the wave of healing and practical equipping that began with those first 30 volunteers spread throughout their congregation into their community, throughout the Midwest and ultimately to all fifty states in the USA, igniting a spiritual and relational reformation that continues to multiply. Missionaries and Christian nationals from many countries began translating our listening, renewing the mind, speaking the truth in love, and breaking free courses and spreading our teaching around the globe.

In 1989 EMI became a freestanding ministry and hired our current Executive Director, Dave Ping. Dave has authored a number of books, expanded our course offerings & video resources and added even more tools for transforming lives and raising up effective disciples. We continue to offer monthly equipping and healing opportunities through our TeleiosLIFE Seminars and International School of Service.

EMI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Christian charity that depends on generous private donations from individuals, churches and foundations. We ask all those who can afford it to pay for our training and materials, but in accordance with Isaiah 55:1, we also provide free prayer ministry and training to many individuals and groups God sends to us who could not otherwise afford it.