Our Executive Director

Dave Ping is a thought provoking author, speaker, and retreat leader with over 20 years of international church consulting, outreach and teaching experience.

He serves as Executive Director of Equipping Ministries International, a Christian organization that has equipped over 500,000 pastors, missionaries, and volunteer leaders in 80 countries worldwide

He is the creator of TRUST Building: Loving, Listening, and Leading More Like Jesus; and co-creator of Outflow: Outward-Focused Living in a Self-Focused World; as well as many other popular books and interactive equipping courses including: Quick-to-Listen Leaders, Irresistible Evangelism, Listening for Heaven’s Sake, Renewing the Mind, and Confronting Conflict.

You can send email to Dave at dping@equippingministries.org.

Our Staff

Judy Nichols   Office Manager
Email: jnichols@equippingministries.org

Pam Ping   Global Training Manager
Email: pping@equippingministries.org


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