Who We Are

Releasing radically refreshing relationship skills for authentic discipleship, powerful healing, and remarkable ministry

Defining radically refreshing relationships…

Radically  Adverb: relating to or affecting the essential nature of something; the opposite of superficial

You’ve got to get beyond superficial formulas to experience authentic relationships with God and others. That’s why EMI focuses on Biblical, practical, relational skills that increase your ability to hear, speak, and share God’s truth and grace in truly loving ways. The outcome is radically free, radically powerful living and ministry impact.

Refreshing  Verb: give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate, revitalize, restore

Ever feel drained by life or weary in ministry? EMI equipping courses, personal growth opportunities, and church consulting experiences release new vision and passion into individuals, congregations, and ministries. They help you discern your heart’s desires, clarify your ministry vision, and dramatically refresh your ability to impact those around you.

 Relationships Noun: the ways in which you connect or interact with God and others

Relationships are the core of Christianity. . . of all we do.  EMI helps you step into more constructive, honest, direct relationships with God and others. You’ll learn practical communication, caring and conflict resolution skills that transcend age, class and culture, and have been fruitful in cultures around the world.

 … Redefines the Christian life

Direct, open, honest Christian relationships are your key to making life, ministry, family, and friendships work like never before.  EMI will help you and your church move beyond behaviors that hinder growth and live the overflowing life God intends. You truly can experience the healing, harmony, and relational health that the Bible promises, and equip your family, co-workers, church members and volunteers to share it too!   Learn how you can get started.

Equipping Ministries International started over 35 years ago in a local church in Cincinnati Ohio.  Beginning with just 30 volunteers and a vision for equipping God’s people for ministry, we discovered a set of radically refreshing relationship skills that inspire authentic discipleship, powerful outreach, and remarkable healing regardless of church size or denomination.

Over the years we’ve turned what we’ve learned into a wide variety of easy-to-use training processes, equipping courses, and ministry tools that almost anyone can use. From 30 volunteers who equipped others, who equipped volunteers, pastors, and missionaries around the globe, over half a million men, women, and young people in 85 nations have been equipped with these life-changing skills and concepts.

EMI is a miracle of multiplication that continues to bring miracles of transformation into more lives, more churches, more mission organizations, and more nations every year.